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21 May 2030 @ 10:12 pm

This journal is for my Fanfiction and any other writings that I decide to make public. Some of my works are not fit for children under the age of 17. So if you think your parents would not approve of you reading the content of my journal then maybe thats a hint that you shouldn't be. My writings contain adult content such as extreme language, sexual content, abuse, drug and alcohol content, and some hancest. If you do not like any of this, then go else where.

ALL fictions will be posted with a rating.

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23 May 2029 @ 07:49 pm

My Best Friends a Rockstar. (MBFR)
Author: m3nd1ngbabyl0n (me)
Genre: Hanfic
Point of View: First person. (Through the telling of Tessa)
Pairing: Unknown (as of now)
Rating: 17+ (Harsh language, Adult situations, Drugs, Alcohol, Sexual content, Violent content, etc.)
Setting: Tulsa Oklahoma. 1994-2008
Short Summary: Being a best friend is hard enough when you're a nobody but when your best friend becomes a rockstar it's on a whole other level. The things you took for granted are gone and sometimes even you can't recognize your own best friend. Fame and fortune can change the sweetest of people into greedy liars and they might even take you down that evil path. Tessa learned oh to well the troubles of having a rockstar for a best friend. Now she tells you her secret tale through the pages of her notebook. Think of it as your own backstage pass into the world of the band known as Hanson.


23 August 2008 @ 11:44 am
Sorry guys....life has been so crazy right now that I'm not even getting enough sleep. I will update soon I promise. Sorry sorry, don't kill me please! 
21 July 2008 @ 07:25 pm
Ok so this is just something i did for a friend. Yep enjoy.


2008 ish

04 July 2008 @ 10:11 pm
Happy 4th of July

Yes I realize that the "4th of" is supposta be white but then you wouldn't see it now would you! Have a great one! 
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A new story that was inspired by a friend. If you want to check out her stories they're here: irresistablehf
I hope you like it. I normally don't write in first person so please be easy on me. Enjoy!

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